Nonlinear Observer for the Control of Bi-Tethered Multi Aerial Robots

TitleNonlinear Observer for the Control of Bi-Tethered Multi Aerial Robots
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsTognon, M, Franchi, A
Conference Name2015 IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems
Date Published09/2015
Conference LocationHamburg, Germany
KeywordsAerial Physical Interaction, Aerial Robotics

We consider the problem of state-observation and control for a bi-tethered aerial system composed by a physical chain of two underactuated aerial robots, also called UAVs. The controlled outputs are the Cartesian position of the last robot and the internal forces along the links. We aim at a minimal use of sensors in order to retrieve the full state. For this goal we propose an output transformation method whose applicability implies the system observability. When this is the case we prove that it is possible to design a nonlinear state estimator based on the high gain- and Luenberger- observers that is able to retrieve the state from any dynamic condition. We also demonstrate how this estimator can be employed with a nonlinear controller for the Cartesian position and the link stresses while ensuring the stability in closed-loop. We show the validity of the method for sensorial configurations composed only by two accelerometers (no gyros) and just two encoders, or two accelerometers (no gyros) and just two inclinometers. A realistic simulative validation concludes the paper.

Citation Key2015j-TogFra
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