My role Period
EU H2020 Aerial-CORE

The Aerial-CORE project aims at developing novel aerial manipulating robotics technologies for the inspection and maintenance of infrastructures in strict collaboration with human workers.

Local Coordinator for the University of Twente 2019-2023

The objective of this research project is to deeply investigate the problem of monitoring a dynamic phenomenon using a team of multiple mobile robots. The sensor-equipped robots will have the task of tracking and registering the phenomenon, and storing its evolution through a stream of data. In the system we envision, the robots will mutually localize themselves, autonomously control their own motion, and cooperatively perform the task at hand in an effective, reliable and safe manner.

Coordinator 2018-2022
ANR The Flying Coworker

The goal of the Flying Co-Worker project is to extend the capabilities of aerial manipulators and make them able to physically interact with human workers a active in elevated places. We investigate this problem at three levels:
1) mechatronics design, 2) safe, robust, and predictive control and perception algorithms 3) human-robot interaction and collaboration.

Ideator and Principal Investigator 2019-2022

The goal of this project is inspired by applications related to construction. In this project, a heterogeneous team of UAVs and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) have to cooperatively build a pre-defined structure based on different types of brick-shaped objects that have to be autonomously located, picked, transported and assembled.

Coordinator 2018-2020

The goal of this project is join parallel/cable-driven robots and aerial robots with the conception, development and outdoor demonstration of a multi-robot aerial system capable of cooperative manipulate large objects using multiple cables.

Co-coordinator 2019-2020

The goal of the AeRoArms project is developing an aerial robotic system with multiple arms and advanced manipulation capabilities for application in industrial inspection and maintenance.

Local Coordinator for LAAS-CNRS 2015 - 2019 (4y)

FireRS (acronym for wildFIRE Remote Sensing) aims to provide to fire managers and/or coordination centers a innovative tool for early detection and wildfire management via remote sensing improving the current state-of-art.

Participant 2016 - 2019 (3y)

The ARCAS project proposes the development and experimental validation of the first cooperative free-flying robot system for assembly and structure construction.

Participant 2011-2015