2016 - 2019 (3y)

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One of the biggest threats and environmental disasters that occur annually in the territories covered by Sudoe Interreg are forest fires, demanding new solutions to diminish its effect.

FireRS (acronym for wildFIRE Remote Sensing) aims to provide to fire managers and/or coordination centers a innovative tool for early detection and wildfire management via remote sensing improving the current state-of-art. The new platform will offer near real-time information, fire perimeter data, GPS data, infrared (IR) imagery from AUVs and satellite platforms; map information displays with fire information at various scales and detail (real time, historic, fire mapping, prediction of fire propagation, etc),protocols of actuation, etc. To achieve this objective a new system will be created and tested, so the FireRS Project seeks through the synergy of different technologies achieve a effective way of managing them by implementing a platform network that will integrate these innovative features. It is composed by several assets with high operability, including land sensors, a full-dedicated satellite (a constellation in the future), a remote and a local ground station, a mission/payload control, and a UAV.

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