Mutual Localization in Multi-Robot Systems using Anonymous Relative Measurements

TitleMutual Localization in Multi-Robot Systems using Anonymous Relative Measurements
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsFranchi, A, Oriolo, G, Stegagno, P
JournalThe International Journal of Robotics Research
Date Published09/2013
KeywordsLocalization of ground robots

We propose a decentralized method to perform mutual localization in multi-robot systems using anonymous relative measurements, i.e., measurements that do not include the identity of the measured robot. This is a challenging and practically relevant operating scenario that has received little attention in the literature. Our mutual localization algorithm includes two main components: a probabilistic multiple registration stage, which provides all data associations that are consistent with the relative robot measurements and the current belief, and a dynamic filtering stage, which incorporates odometric data into the estimation process. The design of the proposed method proceeds from a detailed formal analysis of the implications of anonymity on the mutual localization problem. Experimental results on a team of differential-drive robots illustrate the effectiveness of the approach, and in particular its robustness against false positives and negatives that may affect the robot measurement process. We also provide an experimental comparison that shows how the proposed method outperforms more classical approaches that may be designed building on existing techniques. The source code of the proposed method is available within the MLAM ROS stack.

Citation Key2013g-FraOriSte
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