Open positions

In this page you can find a list of pointers to the open positions and available projects pages.

I receive many applications and I cannot reply to all of them unfortunately. In case your application fits the group funding and needs you will hear back from me no ore than 2 weeks after the application date.

In order to apply for a specific position/project please follow the specific instructions given both in the particular page of the position/project and also in the corresponding flyer.

In order to apply for multiple positions/projects please send a unique mail that fulfills all the instructions of each single position/project.

In order to apply spontaneously please send an e-mail to including:

  • In the case of a spontaneous project application
    1) your CV
    2) your Ms transcripts
    3) your Bs transcripts
    4) the tag [SpontMasterAplication] (for a master project) or [SpontInternAplication] (for a short internship) in the subject of the e-mail
  • In the case of a spontaneous PhD or PostDoc application:
    1) your CV
    2) your List of publications
    3) at least two Reference letters
    4) the tag [SpontPhDAplication] (for a PhD) or [SpontPostDocAplication] (for a PostDoc) in the subject of the e-mail

Master thesis projects (~6 months)

  • Design of an Embedded Arm for Aerial Hooking

    The goal of this master thesis project is to design and develop a mechatronic solution for the implementation of an aerial vehicle equipped with a rotating arm, and capable of hooking at a horizontal ladder. Two main parts of the system shall be investigated and developed:
    ∞ The actuated...

    Download flyer: mtp-AerialArmHook.pdf