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A video illustrating the SLAM approach

(This video is in MPEG-4 format. It can be played with Quicktime 6 or mplayer).
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(320x240, 15fps, 8.4 Mo) (480x360, 15fps, 38.6 Mo) (640x480, 15fps, 82.5 Mo)

(1 min 13 sec sequence - no sound)

This movie shows the building of a digital elevation map during a tethered flight over the garden and parking of the lab. The perceived landmarks are shown as ellipsoids, whose size diminishes when Karma is flying over an already mapped area.

[Jung 2003] [Lacroix 2001e] [Lacroix 2002a]

Related Publications

[Jung 2003]  [related pages] [abstract] [download] [BibTeX]  [top]

I-K. Jung and S. Lacroix. High resolution terrain mapping using low altitude aerial stereo imagery. In International Conference on Computer Vision. Nice (France), 2003.

[Lacroix 2001e]  [related pages] [abstract] [download] [BibTeX]  [top]

S. Lacroix, I-K. Jung and A. Mallet. Digital Elevation Map Building with Low Altitude Stereo Imagery. In 9th Symposium on Intelligent Robotic Systems. Toulouse (France), 2001.

[Lacroix 2002a]  [related pages] [abstract] [download] [copyright] [BibTeX]  [top]

S. Lacroix and I-K. Jung. High resolution terrain mapping with an autonomous blimp. In International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Systems. Lausanne (Switzerland), 2002.

People Involved

Simon Lacroix, Anthony Mallet, Il-Kyun Jung.
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