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EDEN is one of the projects of the Robotics and AI group of LAAS, and does not constitute a team per se. The various people mentioned here are therefore more or less involved in the project, some being fully implied, while others participate from one time to the other.

Permanent staff

Raja Chatila related pages ] [ home ] 

initiated the first studies on planetary exploration at LAAS in the late 80's, and animated the EDEN project until 1998. He is now reponsible of the Robotics and AI group of LAAS (a much heavier job), but is however still involved in the project.

Michel Devy related pages ] [ home ] 

has been doing research in perception within the Robotics and AI group since 1980. In the project, he contributes on every topic related to perception, from camera calibration and low level image processing to environment modeling and localization.

Sara Fleury related pages ] [ home ] 

defended her thesis on Software Architecture for Autonomous Robots in 1996 at LAAS. She designed GenoM, a tool to encapsulate operational functions within independant modules on board the robot. She is now a research engineer at LAAS and participates in all our integrated projects. Besides, she is involved in research on architecture design for autonomous systems, and participates to the european Orocos (Open RObot COntrol Software) project.

Matthieu Herrb related pages ] [ home ] 

is a research engineer at LAAS/CNRS. He works on operating system level integration of the robots software and helps with software management process and as a system administrator. In the past he participated to the development of some software like Genom or GDHE.

Felix Ingrand related pages ] [ home ] 

joined the Robotics and AI group in 1991.

Simon Lacroix related pages ] 

defended his thesis on Autonomous navigation in natural environment in 1995, at LAAS. After a one year post-doc in McGill, Montréal, he joined the Robotics and AI group in 1996. He tries to animate the project since 1998.

Technical support

Xavier "steelfingers" Dollat related pages ] [ home ] 

Patrick "goldfingers" Marcoul related pages ] 

Christian Lemaire related pages ] 

Post Doc's

Anthony Mallet related pages ] [ home ] [ mail ] 

defended his thesis on rover localization in natural environments in July 2001. Since then, he occupys a post-doc position in the group, and is now the main task force involved in the Orocos project. Besides rover navigation, his main concern is software architecture for robots (by the way, he also set up the software architecture of these pages).

PhD Students

Sébastien Bosch home ] 

Gabriel Aviña related pages ] 

Jérémie Gancet related pages ] [ home ] 

José Gonzalez related pages ] [ home ] 

Il-Kyun Jung related pages ] 

Thomas Lemaire home ] [ mail ] 

Worked during his DEA on multi robot distributed tasks allocation. He now prepares his PhD thesis on the SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping) problem extended to multi heterogeneous robots and plans to test his algorithms on the platforms of the lab (Dala, Karma).

Thierry Peynot related pages ] [ home ] [ mail ] 

After a DEA devoted to the motion control of Lama in 2002, Thierry Peynot prepares a PhD thesis on motion strategies for Dala.

Miscellaneous Students

No students are currently involved in the project.


No visitors are currently involved in the project.

Past students, visitors and post doc's

Arnaud Jacquet related pages ] 

has an engineer degree from the "Ecole superieure de l'Énergie et des Matériaux (Orleans)". He integrated the various sensors on the blimp, and to developed all the low level data acquisition and control softwares. He left the lab in June 2003.

Emmanuel Hygounenc related pages ] 

David Bonnafous related pages ] 

Nicolas Vandapel related pages ] 

Hassan al'Haddad related pages ] 

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