CNRS Researcher

  Team MAC (Decision and Optimization)


  Contact address:
          7 Avenue du Colonel Roche
          31400 Toulouse, France
  Email: aneel"dot"tanwani "at"laas "dot" fr

I am a researcher at Laboratory for Analyses and Architecture of Systems (LAAS), employed by National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS), France. I completed PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) under the supervision of Daniel Liberzon in 2011. I worked as a postdoc fellow at INRIA, Grenoble and later at Gipsa Lab, Grenoble. It followed with a postdoc under DFG Grant at TU Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Research interests

  • Discontinuous dynamical systems
    • Switched (linear, nonlinear, and differential-algebraic) systems
    • Hybrid dynamical systems (deterministic and stochastic)
    • Moreau's sweeping process
    • Differential variational inequalities and Complementarity systems
    • Inclusions with maximal monotone operators
    • Projected dynamical systems
  • Connections between systems theory and optimization
  • Feedback control with limited information
  • State estimation and output regulation problems
  • Applications of control theory in networks

Selective Talks

  • Input-to-state stability of switched systems under dwell-time conditions. 13th January 2022. Youtube video link; Slides. Online Seminar Series on Input-to-State Stability: Description.
  • Lyapunov functions for singularly perturbed hybrid systems with frequent jump dynamics. Recorded video.IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, December 2021.
  • Error bounds for locally optimal distributed filters with random communication graphs. Recorded video.IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, December 2021.
  • Stability, Estimation and Control of Constrained and Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems. Part of mini course in Workshop on Mathematics of Optimization and Applications (Journees annuelles du GdR MOA), October 2019. Slides (Preview, Lectures): To see the animation, use Adobe Reader.

You can access my publications here.