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I am a senior researcher at LAAS-CNRS, in Toulouse. My research interests include the formal verification of concurrent and distributed systems; methods and tools for checking the safety of critical embedded systems; concurrency semantics, and in particular mobile and higher-order process calculi; as well as type systems and static analysis.

I lead the Verification of Time Critical Systems (VERTICS) group, which develops new verification methods and tools for checking properties of critical systems having strong temporal and timing requirements.

  • Formal Methods
  • Model-Checking
  • Safety Critical Embedded Systems
  • Process Calculi

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Time-accurate Virtualization
Time-accurate Virtualization

May 2017 — Oct 2017.

This project is a direct collaboration with SCALIAN Eurogiciel to work on a middleware for communication protocol virtualization that is faithfull with respect to timing constraints.


Apr 2009 — Nov 2012.

Quarteft (QUAlifiable Real TimE Fiacre Transformations) is a project funded by FNRAE, the Fondation de la Recherche pour l’Aéronautique et l’Espace. The goal of the project is to study formal specification language and qualifiable model transformations in the context of critical embedded systems.


Sep 2006 — Nov 2009.

Topcased, Toolkit in OPen-source for Critical Application SystEms Development, is a project funded by Aerospace Valley. The goal of the project is to build an open source CASE environment for critical applications and systems development.

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