with the support of AESE

The TOPCASED project aims at developing an open source CASE environment for critical applications and systems development. Its main benefits should be to perpetuate the methods and tools for software development, minimize ownership costs, ensure independence of development platform, integrate, as soon as possible, methodological changes and advances made in academic world, be able to adapt tools to the process instead of the opposite, take into account qualification constraints.

One key point is that TOPCASED focuses on critical system development, which means that a strong emphasis is made on system validation and on traceability.

Topcased was followed by the OpenEmbeDD project (Model Driven Engineering open-source platform for Real-Time and Embedded systems), is an initiative for an open-source embedded system design toolchain based on Eclipse (funded by RNTL, from 2006 to 2009). Today, development are part of the PolarSys Eclipse WP.

CNRS Researcher

My research interests include formal methods and concurrency semantics.


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