MCC Tool at Petri 2020 (Best Teaser Video)

certified medals of the MCC for 2020, see the original URL

A tool paper about MCC—our software for transformings models of High-Level Petri nets, given in PNML, into equivalent Place/Transition nets, not the competition!—has been accepted at Petri Nets 2020. You can find more about it here:

(2020). MCC: a Tool for Unfolding Colored Petri Nets in PNML Format. In Proc. of ICATPN 2020.

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Like many conferences this year, Petri Nets happened as a virtual event, with prerecorded videos of the talks, including a short (3 minutes) teaser video to introduce each paper. You can find these videos on the official YouTube channel for the conference, including a tool demonstration video.

The videos for MCC won several awards this year, so I strongly suggest that you go and watch them ;-)

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