with the support of RTRA STAE

The Daedalus project is part of a larger initiative on the formal system engineering for embedded systems. The project seeks to help designers get out of the “labyrinth of current technologies” in two major areas of research:

  • automatic code generation; and

  • model checking and (semi-formal) debugging of behavioral model.

We seek to develop new ways of using formal methods during system design (through formal debugging of architecture and behavioral models) and to take benefit from the use of a “more synchronous” execution model.

This basic research project is, at the moment, more focused on the Aeronautics and Space domains. This is what motivated our choice of choosing the AADL architecture description language as a pivot in our prototyping activities.


  • IRIT, équipe Acadie
  • IRT saint Exupéry, domaine systèmes embarqués
  • ISAE