Collaborative Projects

Here are some projects in which I was Principal Investigator or Coordinator.

Current Projects

  • ANITI The Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute

    I have been offered the Academic Chair of Cognitive and Interactive Robotics of Cognitive and Interactive Robotics at the Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute.

  • The flying coworker - ANR The Collaborative Flying Manipulator Robot (March 2019 - March 2022).

    Our main activity here is to apply, refine and extend our Human-Aware Task and Motion Planning in the context of a flying manipulator which collaborates with human workers.

  • AI4EU The Collaborate Flying Manipulator Robot (2019 - 2022).

    AI4EU is the European Union’s landmark Artificial Intelligence project, which seeks to develop a European AI ecosystem, bringing together the knowledge, algorithms, tools and resources available and making it a compelling solution for users. Our main activity (in WP7) to AI4EU is to contribute to AI-enabled Human-Robot Interaction.

  • JointAction4HRI - ANR 16-CE33-0017 Joint Action for Human-Robot Interaction (March 2017 - March 2021).

    Our main activity here is to conduct collaborative multidisciplinary research involving a philosophy laboratory (Institut Jean Nicod), a psychology laboratory (CLLE), and a robotics laboratory (LAAS) on Joint Action conceptual framework and its application to Human-Robot Joint Action.

  • MuMMER - H2020 No 688147 MultiModal Mall Entertainment Robot (March 2016 - March 2020)

    Our main topic here concerns the development and the evaluation of the decisional capabilities of an interactive and cognitive robot in interaction with humans in the context of a mall: interplay between decision and dialog, perspective-taking, motion and task planning for the robot and the humans, human-aware motion planning and social navigation.

  • Collaborative Project with SAFRAN (March 2019 - March 2020).

    Our main activity here is to apply, refine and extend our contributions to Human-Robot Collaborative Task Achievement.

Past Projects

  • SPENCER IP-FP7 No 600877 Social situation-aware perception and action for cognitive robots(March 2013 - March 2016)

    Our main contribution in this project was human-aware navigation planning, social navigation and decisional interaction for an autonomous robotic guide which has been successfully deployed at Schiphol Airport.

  • iCeiRA : International Center of Excellence on Intelligent Robotics and Automation Research - Taiwan-France Cluster of Excellence I-RiCE NTU (2012 - 2017)

    This was a collaborative research initiative on collaborative robotics involving National Taiwan University (Prof. Ren Luo), INRIA and CNRS. Our contribution here involved a number of key issues for robots when they share the task and the space with humans.

  • SAPHARI - IP-FP7 Safe and Autonomous Physical Human-Aware Robot Interaction (November 2011 - November 2015)

    Our main contribution in this project was oriented toward decisional capabilities for an interactive and cognitive robotic co-worker: human-aware task and motion planning, decisional processes involved reasoning and planning for the robot and the human, belief management and reasoning about affordances.

  • ARCAS - IP-FP7 Aerial Robotics Cooperative Assembly System (December 2011 - December 2015)

    Our main contribution in this project was oriented toward motion and task planning for a set uf UAVs equipped with manipulator to achieve collaborative assembly tasks.

  • RoboErgoSum There is an intricate relationship between self-awareness and the ability to perform cognitive-level reasoning. ANR (January 2014 - January 2017)

    Our contribution to this project concerned the decisional processes for fluent and efficient human-robot joint activity and the integration of goal-directed and habitual behaviors.

  • ROMEO 2 Project FUI (2013-2017)

    Our contribution to this project concerned human-aware task planning integrating affordance estimation for humanoid robot.

  • MaRDi Man Robot Dialogue ANR-CONTINT (October 2012-April 2016)

    In this project, our contribution concerned situated Humann-robot dialog integrating Model-based Decisional and Perspective-Taking Robot abilities with learning.

  • SCA2RS - Supervision et Coopération Autonome entre Aéronefs de Recherche et Sauvetage - STAE Foundation (2008-2013)

    In this project, our contribution concerned the overall control architecture and the distributed planning abilities for a set of autonomous robots.

  • CHRIS - IP-FP7 215805 Cooperative Human Robot Interaction Systems (2008-2012)

    Our contribution to this project concerned Human-Aware Task and Motion Planning, Affordance computation and Perspective-Taking, Robot Ontologies reasoning and dialog.

  • AMORCE - Algorithmes et MOdèles pour un Robot Collaboratif Eloquent et Social. ANR-PSIROB (2008-2012)

    In this project, our contribution, involved robot capabilities for collaborative task-achievement with a human including shared-plans elaboration.

  • ROSACE - RObots et Systèmes Auto-adaptatifs Communicants Embarqués - STAE Foundation (2008-2013)

    The objective was to gather a multidisciplinary consortium to study and develop design, specification, implementation and deployment methods and tools for a fleet of networked cooperative robots that satisfy verifiable, auto-adaptative and reconfiguration properties in dynamic environments.

  • COGNIRON FP6 IST-O02020 The Cognitive Robot Companion (2002-2008)

    This project was an essential step in the development of our approach to decisional aspects for Human-Robot collaborative task achievement.

  • URUS - Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban Settings - STREP FP6 (December 2006 - December 2009)

    The objective of URUS was the development of the key components necessary to deploy a fleet of autonomous robots that transport persons and goods in urban pedestrian areas. Our contribution concerned the overall control architecture, task allocation and coordinated navigation.

  • PHRIENDS - Physical Human-Robot Interaction: Dependability and Safety STREP FP6 (October 2006 - October 2009)

    In this project we essentially contributed through the development of Human-Aware Motion and Manipulation Planning

  • The COMETS Multi UAV project Real-time coordination and control of multiple heterogeneous unmanned aerial vehicles (2002-2005)

    In this project we studied and built multi-robot a decisional architecture for intervention missions: task allocation and collaborative mission achievement.

  • The HR+ ROBEA Project (2000-2003)

    This project was the first in which we started to investigate human-friendly robotics. One important result was the successful deployment of an autonomous and interactive mobile robot guide at the Cité de l'Espace.

  • EGERIS project European Generic Emergency Response Information System (2001-2003)

    In this project we developed a decisional kernel for the assistance of rescue teams.

  • MARTHA: Multi-robot cooperation for a fleet of autonomous mobile robots for transshipment tasks in harbors, airports and marshalling yards.European ESPRIT III Project No 6668 (1992-1996)

    In this project we developed and deployed an original coordination scheme and an architecture for multi-robot systems: The Plan-Merging Paradigm.

  • The AMR Advanced Mobile Robot - Eureka Project (1990, 1993)

    We developed in this framework an architecture for High-level teleoperation of remote semi-autonomous robots in hazardous environments.

  • The VAP/RISP (1989-1993) and the I-ARES/EUREKA (1993-1997) Projects (with CNES)

    I contributed here to the study and the development of the overall mission deployment and control architecture for a Mars planetary rover.

  • The FAMOS/Eureka Project (1987, 1989)

    This project aimed to support the development of flexible robotized manufacturing in Europe.

  • ARA - The French National Robotics and Automation Program (1980 - 1986)

    I was involved in the Advanced Robotics topic where I developed NNS (No-Name System), a complete Lisp-based system to program and control a Flexible Assembly Cell.