Distinsctions / Awards

Awards / Distinctions

PhD Awards

  • Prix de Thèse 2022 de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société de Toulouse (MSHS-T): Kathleen Belhassein (co-advised by Michèle Guidetti et Rachid Alami).
  • Prix de la Meilleure Thèse 2012 du GDR Robotique (Best 2012 France Robotics Thesis) : Séverin Lemaignan, "Grounding the Interaction: Knowledge Management for Interactive Robots", R. Alami thesis PhD adviser.
  • 2nd Best EURON (European Robotics Network) Thesis : Amit Kumar Pandey, "Towards Socially Intelligent Robot in Human Centered Environment " April 2013, R. Alami thesis PhD adviser.
  • Prix de la Meilleure Thèse 2009 du GDR Robotique (Best 2009 France Robotics Thesis) : E.Akin Sisbot, R. Alami thesis PhD adviser. "Towards human-aware robot motions".

Best Paper Awards

  • Best Paper Award : O. Hauterville, C. Fernández, P.T. Singamaneni, A. Favier, V. Matellán, R. Alami, "Interactive Social Agents Simulation Tool for Designing Choreographies for Human-Robot-Interaction Research", ROBOT2022: Fifth Iberian Robotics Conference, Nov 2022, Zaragoza, Spain.
  • Best Paper Award : Sandra Devin and Rachid Alami: "An Implemented Theory of Mind to Improve Human-Robot Shared Plans Execution", ACM HRI 2016, Christchrch, New Zealand, March 2016.
  • Best Paper Award : R. Ros Espinoza, S. Lemaignan, E.A. Sisbot, R. Alami, J. Steinwender, K. Hamann, F. Warneken "Which one ? Grounding the referent based on efficient human-robot interaction" , International Symposium in Robot and Human interactive Communication (IEEE RO-MAN 2010), Viareggio (Italy), September 2010
  • Best Student Paper Award : L.F. Marin~Urias, E.A. Sisbot, and R. Alami. "Geometric tools for perspective taking for human-robot interaction", Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (MICAI 2008), Mexico, 2008.
  • Best Paper Award: E. Lopez Damian, D. Sidobre, R. Alami, "Grasp planning for non-convex objects'', 36th International Symposium on Robotics (ISR'2005), Tokyo (Japan), November 2005

Finalist for a Best Paper Award

  • Finalist for Best Student Paper Award : A. Favier, S. Shekhar, R. Alami - "Models and Algorithms for Human-Aware Task Planning with Integrated Theory of Mind", IEEE RO-MAN 2023, Busan, Korea.
  • Finalist for a best paper award at IEEE RO-MAN 2021 : G. Sarthou, A. Mayima, G. Buisan, K. Belhassein, A. Clodic. "The Director Task: a Psychology-Inspired Task to Assess Cognitive and Interactive Robot Architectures" (R. Alami adviser and co-adviser).
  • Finalist for Best Student Paper Award : Grégoire Milliez, "A framework for endowing an interactive robot with reasoning capabilities about perspective-taking and belief management", IEEE RO-MAN 2014.
  • Finalist for Best Student Paper Award : A. K. Pandey, Muhammad Ali, Matthieu Warnier and Rachid Alami, "Multi-State Visuo-Spatial Reasoning based Proactive Human-Rostrongot Interaction", ICAR 2011, Talinn, July 2011