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GenoM3 templates, OpenPRS, Transgen, etc

My most recent software developments are around a GenoM3 template for Fiacre/Hippo/Tina. you can find more about this development here:

Check the experiments page for exemples of deployement of this GenoM3 template.

Some older stuff around OpenPRS... still running avec almost 30 years...

After more than 15 years of development and incredible sales ;-) , I decided to put my version of PRS in the public domain and in Open Source. Hence the new name Open PRS. It is part of the LAAS Open Software for Autonomous Systems project. Open PRS is a C version of PRS, based on formerly C-PRS and Propice. It is available as a source package, or in binaries for some platforms. Feel free to use it under the BSD style LICENCE agreement (basically, do whatever you want with it, just retain the original copyright).

Moreover, Open PRS can be used to control a set of functional modules built using GenoM. For this, you will need to use the tool TransGen. If you are interested in this, you should look at GenoM3 and the associated template for OpenPRS, as well as the Transgen3 tool. For more details, visit the site mentioned above, or contact me.