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  • AI and Robotics. Here are a couple of surveys Malik Ghallab and I wrote on the subject: AI Com and AI Journal.
  • Validation, Verification and Controler Synthesis for Autonomous Systems. An IEEE RA Magazine paper and a JOSER paper describing the GenoM/BIP approach.
  • Dependable and Robust Autonomous Systems. A paper which appeared in IROS 2006 Workshop on Physical Human-Robot Interaction in Anthropic Domains.
  • Learning Action Models for Planning and Execution Control. Here is an Autonomous Robots Journal paper.
  • Temporal Planning and Execution control. A paper which appeared in AAAI 2004.
  • Execution Control and Planning. Here is a paper which appeared in ECP 1999.
  • Architecture for Autonomous Systems (in particular robots). Here is a paper describing the architecture we propose, and another paper describing an application of this architecture. A more recent paper on IDEA, an inovative approach I worked on while visiting NASA Ames.
  • Multi Robot Cooperation. A general paper describing the approach we used at LAAS, and LAAS contribution in the Martha Esprit Project.
  • Procedural Reasoning Systems applied to Supervision and Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots. Here is the "latest" published paper on this subject.
  • Now, if you want to read some older and more general stuff on PRS, I did while I was at SRI International.
  • No, you cannot find my own PhD Thesis here...