Time delay systems :



    My research meanly focusses on the elaboration of stability criteria of time delay systems. 
    My research concerns the following topics:

    • Asymptotic, exponential and absolute stability of systems subject to delays;
    • Reduction of the conservatism;
    • Constant, time varying, bounded or non small delays;  
    • Linear, non linear systems with parameter uncertainties
    • Lyapunov Theory;
    • Lyapunov-Krasovskii Fonctionals;
    • Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI)
    • Integral inequalities.


    Control an Observer design :


    • Static/ dynamic state/output feedback control laws;
    • Sliding mode control and observations;
    • Hybrid control 

    with the particular attention to 

    • Convergence and perfomances of the solutions;
    • Robustness with respect to delays, parameters uncertainties, saturations,...




    Sampled-Data Control and Observation:


    • Stability criteria for systems sublect to aperiodic samplings 
    • Robust controllers with respects to samplings or uncertainties
    • Continuous observation based on sampled outputs. 
    • Event-triggered control