Post-docs :

  • A. Arce Rubio, (2013-2014) ``Collaborative control for load carrying drones''. 

Engineers :

  • L. Briñon Arranz (2014-2015) ``Software development for automatic control design''. 

PhD's :

Current PhD's

  • M. Bajodek, (2019-2022) "Numerical methods for the control and observation of infinite-dimensional systems''. (co-supervised with F. Gouaisbaut)
  • M. Serieye, (2019-2022) ``Advanced methods of the control of power converters using the hybrid dynamical systems approach''. (co-supervised with C. Albea Sanchez)

Past PhD's

  • M. Barreau, (2016-2019) "Lyapunov analysis of distributed parameter systems''. (co-supervised with F. Gouaisbaut) Current position : Post-Doc at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • M. Safi, (2015-2018) "Stability and control of innite dimensional systems''. (co-supervised with L. Baudouin) Current Position : Engineer in an automotive company in Paris.
  • F. Niel, (2014-2017) "Modeling and control of a wing at low Reynolds number with high amplitude aeroelastic osillations''. (co-supervised with L. Zaccarian) Current position : Enseignant Chercheur à l'Ecole de l'Air.
  • P. Andrianiaina: (2010-2012) "Robust control under slackened real-time constraints'' (with Airbus) Toulouse France. (co-supervised with D. Simon) Current position : Project manager at Cap Gemini, Paris, France
  • G. Rodrigues de Campos: (2009-2012) "Cooperative control through wireless networks''. (co-supervised with C. Canudas de Wit) Current position : Post-doc at Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
  • L. Briñon Arranz: (2008-2011) "Control of multi-agent systems under communication constraints''. (co-supervised with C. Canudas de Wit) Current position : Temporary Associate Professor at University of Grenoble, France.

Masters :

  • F. Koudohode, (2019) Stabilization of Korteweg-de Vries equation, M2, Univ. Toulouse, France.\\
  • M. Bajodek, (2019) Numerical method for the observation of infinite-dimensional systems, M2, ENS Paris-Saclay, France.
  • M. Ferreira, (2018-2019)  Estimation of the Bassin of Attraction of saturated time-delay systems, M2, Univ. Divinopolis, Brazil.\\
  • M. Serieye, (2018), Observer design for linear transport equations, M2 Univ. Toulouse, France\\
  • M. Dattas, (2016) Simulation of coupled ODE-PDE systems, M1 UPS, Toulouse.
  • A. Mannisi, (2013) Distributed control of drones M2, Univ. Rome.
  • E. Davit, (2011) Formation control of a quadrirotors eet, M2 ESISAR.
  • N. Mokrani, (2011) Asynchronous control of complex systems, M2R INP.
  • F. Stevenin, (2009) Matlab simulator for multi-agent systems, M1 UJF.




C. Albea Sanchez, L. Baudouin, Y. Ariba, F. Gouaisbaut, D. Peaucelle, C. Poussot-Vassal, I. Queinnec, S. Tabouriech, L. Zaccarian.


  • CRISTAL (Lille): L. Hetel, J.-P. Richard,
  • GIPSA-Lab (Grenoble) C. Canudas de Wit, C. Prieur, O. Sename, D. Simon,  
  • CRAN (Nancy) J. Daafouz,
  • LAMIH (Valencienne) M. Dambrine,
  • Ampère (Lyon) M. di Loreto, J.-F. Tregouët


  • Sweden : D.V. Dimarogonas (KTH), K.H. Johansson (KTH)
  • Switzerland : C. Briat (ETHZ)
  • Israël : E. Fridman (Tel Aviv)
  • England : S.K. Spurgeon (Kent), C. Edwards (Exeter), P.P. Menon (Exeter)
  • US: M.M Peet
  • China: K. Liu (BIT), Y. Xia (BIT)
  • Korea: O.M. Kwon (Chungbuk), M.J. Park (Chungbuk).