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ENSEEIHT (since 2010)

Department: Electrical Engineering and Automation (GEA)

Course     Type     Students Keywords    
Graphs, algorithms et applications Lecture,TD Bac+4 basic concepts and terminology, trees - paths - routes (identification, enumeration, optimization), matching, application in project management problems
TER flexible workshop TER Bac+5 design of a Petri nets-based automata for the operation of a flexible workshop (robot + conveyors + sensors), tests on simulator, experimental validation on a miniature workshop.
Combinatorial Optimization: modeling, algorithms and applications Lecture Bac+5 complexity, ILP modeling, relaxations et bounds, branch-and-bound, maximum flow (minimum cost flow) problem, (meta-)heuristics, local search
BE Combinatorial Optimization BE Bac+5 mathematical modeling of the problem proposed, use of opensource solver GLPK to solve tractable instances, design and programming of a heuristic method to tackle larger instances
Discrete event simulation with ARENA Lecture,BE Bac+5 simulation vs optimization, DES specificities, modeling of a flowshop and performance improvements using simulation' results, 2D animation
BE Robotics BE Bac+5 understanding and programming of industrial robots to follow predefined trajectories and build predefined kaplas constructions
Introduction to combinatorial optimization Lecture Bac+5 complexity, ILP modeling, branch-and-bound, maximum flow problem, minimum cost flow problem, heuristics
Planning and scheduling Lecture Bac+5 representation, modeling, single machine, parallel machines, flowshop, jobshop, openshop, PDP, MRP, just-in-time, kanban
Linear programming Lecture Bac+5 LP modeling, graphical resolution (2D), simplex, artificial variables and basic solutions, sensitivity analysis, duality
Introduction to Petri nets Lecture Bac+4 basic concepts and terminology, behavioral properties, analysis techniques, limitation of the basic model and principles of PTN extensions
Students final industrial internships Jury Bac+5

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University of Technology of Troyes (2006-2010)

Departments: Industrial Systems Engineering (GSI) and Information Systems Engineering and Telecommunication (GSIT)

Course     Type     Students     Keywords    
Databases TD Bac+3, Bac+4 models, normalization, query langages and optimization, SQL, storage, concurrency control
Algorithmics TD Bac+2 computational complexity and analysis, data structures, PC-architecture, data representation and instructions
Production management TD Bac+3, Bac+4 forecasting, layouts, plannings, scheduling, stock management, MRP, kanban, MPM, OPT, maintenance
transport logistics TD Bac+4, Bac+5 hub location, flow optimization, pick-up and delivery, assets management, transport software
Modeling and performance evaluation tools TD Bac+3, Bac+4 discrete event systems, graph-based models and algorithms, Petri nets, réseaux de Petri, Markov chains and processes, queuing theory
Mathematical tools for engineers TD Bac+3, Bac+4 numerical progressions, Fourier series, functions of multiple variables, vector analysis, multiple integrals, line and surface integrals
Mathematical techniques for engineers TD Bac+3, Bac+4 linear systems, matrix norm and conditioning, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, least square method, gradient descent methods
Mechanics of particles TD Bac+1, Bac+2 kinematics and dynamics of a material point, Newton's laws, kinetic, potential and mechanic energy, oscillatory movements
Students industrial internships monitoring Bac+4
Students final industrial internships monitoring Bac+5