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Repositories and Account

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  • Open source software


    LinA is an open source package implemented in julia, to compute piecewise linear functions that approximate or overestimate or underestimate any given nonlinear univariate function with a minimum number of linear segments given a relative or absolute bound on the pointwise approximation error allowed. This is used to approximate and solve various classes of MINLP problems with MILP solvers taking into account a predefined target precision.    

    Other libraries


    branch-and-bound-tuto-knapsack-Julia is a julia Branch-and-Bound library for teaching/tutorial purposes, applied on the solution of a knapsack problem.    

    TER-Atelier-Flexible (shuttles and robots challenge for students)

    TER-Atelier-Flexible (shuttles and robots challenge for students) is a ROS (robotics operating systems) and CoppeliaSim library for the simulation and control of a production cell of the AIP-PRIMECA for teaching/tutorial purposes.