Short Bio



 Engineer D in Materials Science, National Institute of Applied Sciences (1994), Toulouse, France; 
 M.S. D in Solid State Physics (1994), Toulouse, France 
 Ph.D Materials Science and Electrical Engineering (1997), Toulouse, France.
  • Head of NEO research group (10 people) at LAAS, CNRS, France
  • Director of LAAS/Lacroix Inc. joined lab. on “Innovative Microsystems for Pyrotechnic Applications of Combined Technologies” (7 people)
  • Adjunct professor at the University of Texas (UTD), Richardson, Texas, USA
RESEARCH INTEREST : My group is interested in the use of nanomaterials in energy applications. This includes the use of novel fuel/oxidizer assemblies for advanced pyrotechnical applciations as well as novel nanocatalyst for H2 production by water splitting.  The group has a great expertise in micro/nanotechnologies to integrate these nanomaterials into MEMS to favor innovations