My philosophy

Talk about your ideas. Push back the frontiers of knowledge. Help your colleagues solve their problems. Pay attention to what your colleagues are doing, and see if you can learn something, or if you can contribute.

Be open and honest about what you are working on.  Never be ashamed of your idea. Shun the many academics and researchers who make big statements and never discuss what they're working on, except in vague and misleading terms. They are experts at criticizing the work of their colleagues. We can never quite understand what they have accomplished and what they have not done. Self-attachment increases the opacity of life....avoid it

Author lists for publications

If someone is involved in the creation of the ideas or in the obtention of the results that are in the paper, then they should definitely be on the author list. If they helped out with some of the characterization, or helped you in designing your component, then they deserve a mention in the acknowledgements for sure, but not necessarily inclusion in the author list.


Energetic material academic community is very small, and the people on top have good memories. After your results and ideas, your reputation is extremely important to your success. 

Note that your reputation is intimately tied with the reputation of your advisor….smiley