eltclsh (editline tcl shell) is an interactive shell for the TCL programming language. It provides command line editing, history browsing as well as variables and command completion thanks to editline features. The completion engine is programmable in a way similar to tcsh, and comes with an intelligent completion for the full tcl language by default.

The package also provides elwish, an interactive interpreter for the Tk toolkit.

eltclsh is an open-source software released under a BSD license.

Download source

Latest stable releases:

You can checkout the git repository (read-only) with

git clone git://git.openrobots.org/robots/eltclsh

or, if you find out that your internet is firewalled for git://, use

git clone http://git.openrobots.org/git/robots/eltclsh.git

You can also browse the repository online.


This package is available via robotpkg, in the shell/eltclsh category. Just make update in there.

For manual compilation you should use the well known sequence:

% ./configure && make && make install

Please look at ./configure --help for available configuration option