Software & Data Set

  • PlayMob: Privacy Layer for Mobility applications

PlayMob addresses the problem of integrating privacy constraints in mobility applications. The main considered application is dynamic carpooling: how to synchronize a driver and a rider without revealing both their origins and their destinations ?

In fact, the currently existing carpooling services raises serious privacy issues as they reveal a large quantity of location data about their users to other users. We aim at developing a privacy-preserving carpooling service by addressing the following question: how can a couple of mistrustful driver and rider synchronize to find optimal pick-up and drop-off locations without disclosing the exact origin and destination of their journeys. To answer this question, we leverage on existing privacy enhancing technologies to build carpooling services following the privacy-by-
design principle.

PlayMob is an extension of MuPaRo (see below) and also consider others applications such as shortest path or k-shortest paths in multi-modal transportation networks.

  • People: Ulrich Matchi Aïvodji, Marie-José Huguet, Marc-Olivier Killijian, Marc Vaisset, Grégoire Scano
  • Related publications: Odysseus2015
  • More info: here (in French)


  • MuPaRo: Multiple Participant Routing

MuPaRo addresses an essential problem for providing dynamic carpooling: how to compute the shortest driver’s and passenger’s paths. Indeed, those two paths are synchronized in the sense that they have a common subpath between two points: the location where the passenger is picked up and the one where he is dropped off the car. The passenger path may include time-dependent public transportation parts before or after the common subpath.

  • People: Arthur Bit-Monnot, Marie-José Huguet, Marc-Olivier Killijian
  • GIT access:
  • Related publications: ATMOS2013.
  • More info: here


  • Data Set:
    • Job Shop with Time Lags: Instances (generated by Ph. Lacomme) and used in [EAAI2011] are here.
    • Car Sequencing: the detailed results [EAAI 2015] can be found here