A Typed Calculus for Querying Distributed XML Documents


We study the problems related to querying large, distributed XML documents. Our proposal takes the form of a new process calculus in which XML data are processes that can be queried by means of concurrent pattern-matching expressions. What we achieve is a functional, strongly-typed programming model based on three main ingredients: an asynchronous process calculus in the style of Milner’s pi-calculus and existing semantics for concurrent-ML; a model where documents and expressions are both represented as processes, and where evaluation is represented as a parallel composition of the two; a static type system based on regular expression types.

In TGC 20062nd symposium on Trustworthy Global Computing
  • An abridged version of this report has been presented at the 17th Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory, October 2005. URL

  • An extended version of this paper appears as Research Report 29-2006, LIF, January 2006. PDF