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Time delay systems represent a wide class of dynamical systems which appears in many fields as, for example, in biology (modeling population dynamics), in mechanical or electrical engineering (modeling lossless propagation in hydraulics or in electrical circuits), in communication (modeling congestion mechanisms in communication networks), in transportation (car following models) to cite only a few. As mentioned in the generic examples cited above, delays appear as a natural way in the representation of transport or interconnected systems where either information or materials are exchanged between several entities. In this context, it naturally appears a real need of a better understanding of the effects caused by delays (constant or time-varying, distributed or not) on the dynamics of interconnected systems in order to improve the dynamical behavior using strategies adapted to the specific cases considered.

The International scientific coordination network on Delay Systems “DelSys” gathers several European research teams working in the field of time-delay systems. The main objectives of "DelSys" are twofold: first, to better organize the European research on such topics and second to better emphasize the research trends in the field. In this sense, we will organize regular joint meetings, invited sessions at international conferences and symposia as well as we will edit monographs and special issues (at various international journals) covering the topics presented and discussed at these various manifestations. A particular attention will be also paid to educational issues as, for example, by proposing appropriate Master and PhD introductory lectures to the delay area or spring/summer/autumn schools.

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