Short Biography in words

Anne HEMERYCK, is a researcher since 2011 in LAAS-CNRS. In April 2016, she created the M3 Team at LAAS-CNRS – for Multilevels Modeling of Materials. She is nowadays the Head of the M3 Research Team. Since 2021, she the Director of the MNBT department for Micro Nano Bio Technologies, one of the 6 departments in LAAS-CNRS.

Since nearly 16 years, Anne Hémeryck performs intensive calculations to address materials science issues. During all her past professional experience, she always focused her research activities on modeling and simulation approaches dedicated to a variety of microelectronics topics, such as silicon oxidation (PhD in CEA-DAM, Arpajon, France), catalysis activity at the surface a gas sensor (postdoctoral fellow in LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France), nanoindentation simulations and hydrogen production enhanced by Al supernanoparticle (Postdoc fellow in University of Southern California in Priya Vashishta’s Team, Los Angeles, USA), preparation and coating of surface through molecular passivation and functionalization (6 months contractual work at the IRCP, Paris, France), assembly of nanoparticles thanks to DNA (in 2012 in LAAS-CNRS).

After experiencing herself on various topics of nanotechnologies and microelectronics, she dedicates her research on the nanoengineering of materials encountered in microelectronics by considering them in an atomic point of view and focus on the critical issue of the surface and interface phenomena and properties. She aims at focusing on the development and application of multi-levels computational methods, dedicated to physical and chemical problems in material science, notably on the predictive simulation concerning properties of materials directly integrated.

In numbers: She has co-authored more than 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences (Scholar h-index: 15). Since 2011, she gave 6 invited talks in international conferences and 7 invited seminars.