Staff & Alumni

Current PhD in M3 Team        -     (Past PhD and available manuscripts HERE)

Ruggero LOT (Oct. 2018 - Dec 2022)
Topic: Evaluation of neural network methodologies for the understanding of the formation of the interface layers in integrated materials in microelectronics fields
Cosupervision with SISSA, in Trieste in Italy
(co-supervisor: Prof. Stefano DE GIRONCOLI)
In collaboration with CNR-IOM in Trieste, Italy
Prices & Distinctions : Outstanding Student Paper Award at IEEE-NMDC 2021 - Lauréat de la Bourse Cassini Junior en 2019

Pierre Louis JULLIARD (Jul. 2019 - xx)
Topic: Atomic scale investigation of defects in semiconductor: coupling advanced characterizations, kinetic Monte Carlo methodology and TCAD process simulation
CIFRE Thesis with STMicroelectronics - cosupervision with MPN Team (Dr Fuccio CRISTIANO)


César JARA (Mar. 2020 - xx)
Topic: Modeling of defects at the interface layers in nanoscaled materials
PhD in the frame of H2020-ICT - MUNDFAB project
Co-supervising with Dr Julien LAM - CEMES-CNRS (Toulouse)

Chloé SIMHA (Nov. 2020 - xx)
Topic: Modeling and characterization of defects in semiconductors using ab initio and experimental methods
Cosupervision with CEA-DAM
(co-supervisor: Dr Nicolas RICHARD)

Julien PARIZE (April 2022 - xx)
Topic: Simulation à l’échelle atomique des effets de déplacement dans le GaN
Cosupervision with CEA-DAM

Simone FIOCCOLA (March 2023 - xx)
Topic: Ab initio Control of Defects for Quantum Bits: Screening, Quantifying, Qualifying and Selecting
Cosupervision with CNR-IOM
(co-supervisor: Dr Layla MARTIN SAMOS)


Current PostDocs & Contractual researcher

Dr Antoine JAY (2019 - 2023)
Topic: Multi-phonon model for the estimation of the thermal generation rate of energy levels induced by defects in Silicon

Dr Abdulgaffar ABDURRAZAQ (2021 - 2022)
Topic: Modeling defects in Germanium SPADs: from simulation of displacement cascades to aging of defect clusters

Dr Tingqiang YANG (2022 - 2023)
Topic: Gas sensors