Staff & Alumni

Current PhD in M3 Team

Miha GUNDE (Oct. 2017- xx)
Topic: Development of a novel methodological multi-scale approach for the understanding of nanostructured materials directly integrated in microelectronic devices
International PhD in collaboration with Université de Montréal, Canada
And CNR in Trieste, Italy and CEA-DAM in Arpajon, France

Gabriela HERRERO-SABOYA (Oct. 2017- xx)
Topic: Atomistic modeling of defects in silicon and Si/SiO2 interface and impact on dark current in Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes
In collaboration with CEA-DAM in Arpajon

Thomas JARRIN (Oct. 2018- xx)
Topic: Modélisation des effets de déplacements atomiques induits par irradiation dans les matériaux pour la microélectronique

In collaboration with CEA-DAM in Arpajon

Ruggero LOT (Oct. 2018- xx)
Topic: Evaluation of neural network methodologies for the understanding of the formation of the interface layers in integrated materials in microelectronics fields
In collaboration with CEA-DAM in Arpajon and CNR-IOM in Trieste, Italy

Lionel FOULON (Oct. 2018- xx)
Topic: Exploration du paysage énergétique pour les diffusions atomiques dans les systèmes complexes
Intern work of the M3 Team - coll. with Dr M. Brut and Dr G. Landa


Pierre Louis JULLIARD (Jul. 2019- xx)
Topic: Atomic scale investigation of defects in semiconductor: coupling advanced characterizations, kinetic Monte Carlo methodology and TCAD process simulation
CIFRE Thesis with STMicroelectronics - cosupervision with MPN Team (Dr Fuccio CRISTIANO)


César JARA (Mar. 2020- xx)
Topic: Modelin of defects at the interface layers in nanoscaled materials
PhD in the frame of H2020-ICT - MUNDFAB project


Current PostDocs & Contractual researcher

Dr Antoine JAY (2018-2019)
Topic: Multi-phonon model for the estimation of the thermal generation rate of energy levels induced by defects in Silicon