Staff & Alumni

Current PhD in M3 Team        -     (Past PhD and available manuscripts HERE)


Chloé SIMHA (Nov. 2020 - March 2024)
Topic: Modeling and characterization of defects in semiconductors using ab initio and experimental methods
Cosupervision with CEA-DAM
(co-supervisor: Dr Nicolas RICHARD)

Julien PARIZE (April 2022 - xx)
Topic: Simulation à l’échelle atomique des effets de déplacement dans le GaN
Cosupervision with CEA-DAM

Simone FIOCCOLA (March 2023 - xx)
Topic: Ab initio Control of Defects for Quantum Bits: Screening, Quantifying, Qualifying and Selecting
Cosupervision with CNR-IOM
(co-supervisor: Dr Layla MARTIN SAMOS)


Current PostDocs & Contractual researcher

Dr Nicolas MORON (2023 - 2024)

Dr Abdulgaffar ABDURRAZAQ (2021 - 2022)
Topic: Modeling defects in Germanium SPADs: from simulation of displacement cascades to aging of defect clusters