POEMA Project

The POEMA project is funded by the European Research Council through its Marie Sklodowska-Curie Traning Network 2019--2022 program.

The goal is to train scientists at the interplay of Algebra, Geometry and Computer Science for Polynomial Optimization problems. The newtwork consists of research teams of 6 countries:

  • in France at INRIA (Bernard Mourrain), LAAS-CNRS (Didier Henrion), Sorbonne University in Paris (Mohab Safey el Din) and the Artelys company (Arnaud Renaud)
  • in Netherlands at NWO-I/CWI Amsterdam (Monique Laurent)  and University of Tilburg (Etienne de Klerk)
  • in Germany at University of Konstanz (Markus Schweighofer) and University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Michael Stingl)
  • in Italy at University degli Studi di Firenze (Georgio Ottaviani)
  • in UK at University of Birmingham (Mikal Kocvara)
  • in Norway at University of Tromsoe (Cordian Riener)