MoveIt! dual arm Tutorials

These tutorials will run you through how to use the dual arm capability with MoveIt! on your robot. It is assumed that MoveIt! is already configured for your robot. If not, you need to follow first the MoveIt! tutorials to setup your robot.


The source code is not public yet so only registered members can follow this tutorial. All tutorials referencing the PR2 robot have only been tested with ROS Indigo.

Before beginning this tutorials it is recommended that you have a general overview of MoveIt! about its system architecture, interfaces and usage. Next, you need to read the concept of the added dual arm capability. TODO: write this documentation and make it accessible.

Installation and Integration for a new robot

The next set of tutorials will run you through, how to get the code for the dual arm planning and how to set the existing MoveIt! configuration of your robot to use the dual arm capability.


The dual arm capability can be used through the MoveGroupX (X for eXtended) class for the c++ version. This is the more easy way for an user. Python version is comming.


This tutorial was inspired from the original MoveIt! tutorials.