Collaborative funded projects:

ANITI : Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute (2019 - 2023) France1s " lnvesting for the Future PIA3" Chair CertifAI - Towards AI-based applications certification, Led by C. Pagetti, members/co-chairs: K. Delmas, C. Lesire-Cabaniols, J. Guiochet, A. Plyer

TARIS : Testing Agricultural Robots in Simulation (2020 - 2021), COVR Grant, EU Horizon H2020. LAAS Coordinator

SAS : Safer Autonomous Systems (2018-2022) H2020 MSCA ETN - LAAS coordinator

TrustMeIA : Trust Me I am Autonomous (2019-2021) Chantier RTRA STAE Toulouse - - Coordinator

ALFS : Automatic Loading and Feeding System (Autonomous agribot for feeding cows) (2016-2019)FUI21 - - Laas scientific coordinator

H2020-ICT-CPSE Labs : CPS Engineering Labs - Expediting and accelerating the realization of cyber-physical systems (2015-2018) European H2020 ICT Project -

TESTNAV : Testing Navigation of mobile robots in virtual worlds (2015-2018) LAAS/CARNOT funded project- Co-porteur

FP7-SAPHARI: Safe and Autonomous Physical Human-Aware Robot Interaction (2011-2015) - European Project (FP7) - co-leading of WP1 ("Safety")

ANR-AMORES: Architecture for MObiquitous REsilient Systems (2011-2014) Projet ANR - Participant

ANR-MIRAS: Multimodal Interactive Robot of Assistance in Strolling (2009-2013) Projet ANR - appel TECSAN- Leader of WP2 ("Safety")

FNRAE-MARAE- Méthode et Architecture Robuste pour l’Autonomie dans l’Espace (2008-2011) Projet FNRAE -

FP6-PHRIENDS< : Physical Human-Robot Interaction: depENDability and Safety (2006-2009) European project -
Responsible of three tasks of WP1 ("Robot Safety")

ReSIST : Resilience for Survivability in IST (2006-2009)  Network of Excellence on the topics of Scalable Resilience (.

SAC : Systèmes Autonomes Critiques (Critical Autonomous Systems) (2004-2007) CNRS project,

PHRIDOM : Physical Human Robot-Interaction in Anthropic Domains: Safety and Dependability (2005)   10months project on new “territory” of physical Human-Robot Interaction -

ASSERT : Automated proof based System and Software Engineering for Real-Time   (2004-2006)  European project,


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