Time Petri Nets with Dynamic Firing Dates: Semantics and Applications


We define an extension of time Petri nets such that the time at which a transition can fire, also called its firing date, may be dynamically updated. Our extension provides two mechanisms for updating the timing constraints of a net. First, we propose to change the static time interval of a transition each time it is newly enabled; in this case the new time interval is given as a function of the current marking. Next, we allow to update the firing date of a transition when it is persistent, that is when a concurrent transition fires. We show how to carry the widely used state class abstraction to this new kind of time Petri nets and define a class of nets for which the abstraction is exact. We show the usefulness of our approach with two applications: first for scheduling preemptive task, as a poor man’s substitute for stopwatch, then to model hybrid systems with non trivial continuous behavior.

In FORMATS 201412th International Conference on Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems
  • An extended version of this paper appears as Research Report LAAS N°14148, May 2014. URL