I was involved in the development of the following combinatorial optimization software

  • ORDO, a commercial real-time production scheduling software based on the concept of groups of permutable operations (developed jointly with François Roubellat at LAAS under a contract with ORDO Software company)
  • BOS, (Batch Optimization Solver) a software for diffusion area scheduling in semiconductor manufacturing (developed at LIA with Alexandre Derremaux, under a contract with EMSE Gardane for the ATMEL Company)
  • MuPaRo, an open-source software for the 2 Synchronization Points Shortest Path Problem,  mainly for carpooling applications (developped with Arthur Bit-Monnot, Marie-José Huguet and Marc-Olivier Killijian)
  • MOST, a Constraint Programming software for scheduling scientific experiments of the Lander Philae on the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet (developped at LAAS with Gilles, Simonin, Pauline Ballereau, Emmanuel Hébrard and Pierre Lopez under a contract with CNES within the ROSETTA project)