Hi. I am a research engineer at LAAS/CNRS, Toulouse, France, working in the Robotics and AI department. I am involved in software architecture design and software development for autonomous robots in the context of the robotics platform of the lab. A wiki gathers some information about the opensource software available.

On this site, you will mostly find links on some software that I develop. You may have noticed that the menu titles are rather obscure (for regular people, I mean). I hope this will not disturb you too much, though.

Each page in the /usr/src menu contains a brief description of a piece of software. It also has various useful links related to dowloading, browsing the source or checking the documentation online. Here is a summary:

eltclsh is an interactive interpreter for the TCL language,
evart-client is a quick and dirty library that connects to the Cortex (formerly EvaRT) motion capture software via the official SDK and streams the data over the network,
genom3 is the work-in-progress regarding the definition of middleware-independent software components for robotics,
robotpkg is a framework for building robotics-related software that is usually not packaged in standard systems,
tclserv is a request and poster server for pocolibs GenoM modules,
viam is a low-level library and a GenoM component dedicated to image acquisition.

A few videos of robots are also available in the /dev/video menu entry.

Finally, in case you would like to contact me, I can usually be reached via:

  • e-mail, at
  • surface mail, at
    Anthony Mallet
    LAAS-CNRS, Service IDEA
    7, avenue du Colonel Roche
    F-31077 Toulouse cedex 4

Thank you for your visit.