DiaDes  0.1
DIAgnosis of Discrete-Event System
DiaDes Documentation

What is DiaDes?

DiaDes is the acronym that stands for DIAgnosis of Discrete-Event Systems . This is a set of libraries and programs whose purpose is to demonstrate/illustrate research academic work on the field of model-based diagnosis for discrete-event systems. The main developper of this project is Yannick Pencole from CNRS-LAAS, Toulouse, France. Most of the algorithms developped inside Diades are issued from different collaborative research with different people and phd students. The list of official publications related to the DiaDes project can be found here: Publications.

What is it not ?

As DiaDes is a pure state-of-the-art set of tools about diagnosis of discrete-event systems, DiaDes is on perpetual move and cannot be considered as an off-the-shelf tool to solve any industrial problems that could be modeled as a discrete-event system. Even if all the efforts are made to make this set of tools as usable, reliable and robust as possible.

Ok, but in practice what is it?

DiaDes is a set of C++ libraries and a set of programs using these libraries. The C++ libraries contain all the available algorithms and the programs are just piece of code that call the API of these libraries. Here is the list of the available libraries included in Diades:

  1. The purpose of this library is to capture all the expressivity of the altarica language in order to perform automated diagnosis/diagnosability checking based on ANY model represented with this language. In progress...


For the impatient people, some downloads are available at this URL .


Some tutorials (well one tuto for the moment!) are available here .