Hélène Waeselynck
7, Av du Colonel Roche    
31400 Toulouse

tel: +33 (0)5 61 33 64 07
fax: +33 (0)5 61 33 64 11
Email:  Helene.Waeselynck at
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Very honored to receive a 10-year most influential paper award at MODELS 2021!
  • The Many Meanings of UML 2 Sequence Diagrams: a Survey, Zoltan Micskei, Hélène Waeselynck.
    Software and Systems Modeling, Springer, Vol. 10 (4): 489-514, 2011.
  • Do not miss the presentation of the paper on Friday, Oct. 15! 

    We open a postdoc position in Dependable and Secure Computing Systems.
    The candidate's background may be in any of the following topics:
    fault tolerance – dependability assessment – real-time systems – resilient distributed systems
    - security & privacy – software validation – trustworthy AI and autonomous systems.
    Apply here!

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