Mirage documentation



Mirage is a powerful and modular framework dedicated to the security analysis of wireless communications. It currently provides :

  • multiple lightweight and hackable wireless protocol stacks (e.g. Bluetooth Low Energy, Enhanced ShockBurst, WiFi, Zigbee …)

  • multiple highly customizable offensive modules (e.g. Man-in-the-Middle, sniffing, jamming, hijacking, cloning …)

  • mutiple modules dedicated to information gathering (e.g. applicative layers dumping, scanning …)

  • mutiple experimental offensive modules based on InjectaBLE attack (e.g. Bluetooth Low Energy injection, Slave and Master hijacking, MiTM …)

  • a chaining operator allowing to easily combine attack modules in order to build complex attack workflows

  • support of multiple devices, such as HCI devices, Crazy Radio PA, RZUSBStick, BTLEJack, Nordic, Sniffle, ButteRFly and Ubertooth sniffers

  • an user-friendly development environment allowing to easily write new modules or customize existing ones

  • an experimental Software defined radio architecture, allowing to sniff and inject packets using HackRF One


Mirage is greatly inspired by the amazing work of the following security researchers :

Mirage in a nutshell

List of modules