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IP monitoring for the Internet and its services

METROPOLIS was supported by RNRT (French Network for Research in Telecommunications). It started in September 2001 and ended in February 2005. METROPOLIS dealt with designing new methodologies for IP networks monitoring. The original approach of this project consisted in combining active and passive measurements.



Partners :

-         LIP6

-         LAAS

-         FT R&D

-         GET

-         INRIA Rocquencourt

-         EURECOM

-         RENATER


Workpackages :

-         SP 1 : State of the art in network monitoring

-         SP 2 : Classification and provisioning

-         SP 3 : Network analysis

-         SP 4 : Methodologies for measurements and sampling

-         SP 5 : Modeling

-         SP 6 : Pricing and SLA

-         SP 7 : Monitoring platform


The METROPOLIS platform (still alive) is located at the RENATER edges, RENATER being the French network for education and research. It consists of 3 kinds of monitoring / measurement equipments:

-         DAG boxes for microscopic passive monitoring

-         QoSMOS boxes for macroscopic passive monitoring and applicative classification

-         RIPE TTM boxes for active measurements. These boxes also run NIMI and PANDORA, as well as MetroMI, a software specifically developed in the framework on the Metropolis project





Documents :


-         Report on the state of the art in monitoring (in French)


-         Advancement report (February 2004 – in French)


-         Final report (February 2005 – in French)





A tool for characterizing and analyzing Internet traffic traces has been developed in the framework of the METROPOLIS project, and is still improved: Zoo.



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Contact : Philippe OWEZARSKI
7, avenue du Colonel Roche
31077 Toulouse Cedex 4