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ROS Teaching

Last updated: April 1, 2021


I am teaching Introduction to ROS (in French) for the following engineer schools: INSA, ISAE-SUPAERO, UPPSITECH-SRI and the following master RODECO/IARF.

I can also provides dedicated and advances courses on demand through CNRS Formations.

To support this, the AIP Smart PRIMECA Toulouse provides one (and soon two) TIAGO robots from PAL-Roobtics on which the students can try the ROS Navigation stack, MoveIt and ros_control.

ROS (Robot Operating System) is the current most widely used solution to build robotic system. It provides a set of software libraries and tools which ranges from middleware, control solution, simulators, 3D interfaces, logging facility.

I have been using it since the Diamond Release (2011). My own contribution to ROS is the organization of the local ROSCon Fr, my participation to the control stack called the Stack-Of-Tasks, and i am trying to put some time in the incredible work done by the ros2_control group.