High Performances Humanoid Robot

Thanks to the Actanthrope Project and the INS2I CNRS the Gepetto Team has been able to specify a humanoid robot aiming at high performance motions. PAL-Robotics won the bid on this challenging task and delivered the first robot of the TALOS series. Since end of 2016, with my colleagues, I have been able to show several interesting new scientific development on this humanoid robot.

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I am a senior CNRS researcher at LAAS, Toulouse in the Gepetto group. My main research is motion generation for humanoid robots based on sensor feedback.

In 2000, I received a Ph.D. in Intelligent Systems from the University of Paris 6 (now Sorbonne University) under the supervision of P. Coiffet, and the French Habilitation to Supervise Research (HDR) in Robotics (2013) from the University of Toulouse III. From 2000 to 2003, I was assistant professor at the Univ. of Paris XIII. From 2003 to 2011, I was one of the funding members of the Joint French-Japanese Robotics Laboratory (JRL) between the CNRS and the AIST in Tsukuba, Japan and created by P. Coiffet and K.Tanie. In 2011 I joined the Gepetto team at LAAS, Toulouse.



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Scientific fields

Humanoid Robotics span a large spectrum of scientific fields to realize an intelligent motion

Numerical Optimization

The heart of my work is to formulate optimization problems and to solve them efficiently.

Software development

In addition to publications, the main results of my research are softwares: Stack-Of-Tasks, jrl-walkgen

Motion Planning

Finding feasible trajectories for legged robots without collision, considering contacts and vision


Using feedback control to compensate for everything we did not model, and model predictive control for the immediate future

Human model

Interaction with human, and improving humanoid robot needs human models


Simultaneous Localization and Map building for humanoid robots


Actuator models for simulation and control for humanoid robots

Computer vision

Embedded computer vision for complex behavior

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