Humanoid Locomotion Planning for Visually-Guided Tasks

  • Posted on: 19 August 2014
  • By: ostasse
TitleHumanoid Locomotion Planning for Visually-Guided Tasks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsHayet, J-B, Esteves, C, Arechavaleta, G, Stasse, O, Yoshida, E
JournalInternational Journal of Humanoid Robotics
KeywordsMotion planning, Whole body control

In this work, we propose a landmark-based navigation approach that integrates 1) high-level motion planning capabilities that take into account the landmarks position and visibility and 2) a stack of feasible visual servoing tasks based on footprints to follow. The path planner computes a collision-free path that considers sensory, geometric, and kinematic constraints that are specific to humanoid robots. Based on recent results
in Movement Neuroscience that suggest that most humans exhibit nonholonomic constraints when walking in open spaces, the humanoid steering behavior is modeled as a differential-drive wheeled robot. The obtained paths are made of geometric primitives that are the shortest in distance in free spaces. The footprints around the path and the positions of the landmarks to which the gaze must be directed are used within a stack-of-tasks (SoT) framework to compute the whole-body motion of the humanoid. We provide some experiments that verify the effectiveness of the proposed strategy on the HRP-2 platform.

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