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Book Chapter
O. Stasse, Kuniyoshi, Y., and Cheng, G., Development of a Biologically Inspired Real-Time Visual Attention System, in Biologically Motivated Computer Vision, LNCS 1811, Seoul, Korea: , 2000, pp. 150–159.
Conference Paper
Y. Kuniyoshi, Stasse, O., Ishiwata, Y., Cheng, G., and A. Workshop), N. (, Complex Real World Information Processing for A Humanoid Robot, in Sixth International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems, 2000.
P. Bonnin, Stasse, O., Hugel, V., Blazevic, P., .M'Sirdi, N., and Coiffet, P., How to extract and to exploit vision data for autonomous and mobile robots to operate in known environments, in 10th International Workshop in Robot and Human Communication, ROMAN 01, 2001, pp. 231-236.
Y. Kuniyoshi, Rougeaux, S., Stasse, O., Cheng, G., and Nagakubo, A., A Humanoid Vision System for Versatile Interaction, in Biologically Motivated Computer Vision, LNCS 1811, Seoul, Korea, 2000, pp. 512–526.
M. Naveau, Carpentier, J., Bathelemy, S., Stasse, O., and Soueres, P., METAPOD - Template META-PrOgramming applied to Dynamics: CoP-CoM trajectories filtering, in IEEE/RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robot (ICHR), 2014, p. accepted.PDF icon 14-ichr-metapod.pdf (250.26 KB)
J. Carpentier, Saurel, G., Buondonno, G., Mirabel, J., Lamiraux, F., Stasse, O., and Mansard, N., The Pinocchio C++ library : A fast and flexible implementation of rigid body dynamics algorithms and their analytical derivatives, in IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration, SII 2019, Paris, France, , Paris, 2019.PDF icon 19-sii-pinocchio.pdf (405.99 KB)
N. Mansard, Stasse, O., Chaumette, F., and Yokoi, K., Saisie guidée par la vision pendant la marche d' un robot humanoide, in 2de Journée Nationnale de la Robotique Humanoide, JNRH 07, Montpellier, France, 2007.
O. Stasse, Flayols, T., Budhiraja, R., Giraud-Esclasse, K., Carpentier, J., Del Prete, A., Souères, P., Mansard, N., Lamiraux, F., Laumond, J. - P., Marchionni, L., Tome, H., and Ferro, F., TALOS: A new humanoid research platform targeted for industrial applications, in IEEE/RAS Int. Conf. on Humanoid Robotics (ICHR), 2017.PDF icon ICHR17_0084_MS.pdf (2.77 MB)
J. Carpentier, Tonneau, S., Naveau, M., Stasse, O., and Mansard, N., A versatile and efficient pattern generator for generalized legged locomotion, in IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2016), 2016.PDF icon 16-icra-carpentier.pdf (3.92 MB)
N. Mansard, Stasse, O., Chaumette, F., and Yokoi, K., Visually-Guided Grasping while Walking on a Humanoid Robot, in icra, 2007, pp. 3041–3047.
E. Dantec, Budhiraja, R., Roig, A., Lembono, T., Saurel, G., Stasse, O., Fernbach, P., Tonneau, S., Vijayakumar, S., Calinon, S., Taïx, M., and Mansard, N., Walking Human Trajectory Models and Their Application to Humanoid Robot Locomotion, 2021.PDF icon HAL_MPC_memory_collision.pdf (5.92 MB)