Research Scientist at LAAS-CNRS (Toulouse, France) in Computer Science.

Distributed systems:

Algorithms and mathematical models

Architectural solutions:

Safe evolutions for dynamic systems

Supervision and monitoring:

Safety and temporal properties

Human-carried Distributed Systems

Cooperative behaviors: models and experiments


All publications are open-access. Knowledge should remain free.


I am involved in several reserarch projects with industrial partners and academics.

Current Direct Industrial projects

Current Academic projects

  • Souk: Social Observation of Human Kinetics. Project co-leader with G. Tredan. Souk is a multidisciplinary project to study spatial and social proximity interrelations. With G. Théraulaz (CRCA) and C. Sire (LPT). The main goal of Souk is to provide means to understand how collective behaviors arise, and how/what kind of information helps a group to optimize a task.
  • Clue: Cycle-based Laboratory of Urban Evolutions. Project co-leader with G. Tredan. Clue focuses on building a distributed and citizen-based system to capture bicycle moving patterns and atmospheric pollution. With J-F. Léon from Aerology lab, and the Maison du Vélo association.
  • Syscob, bio-inspired complex systems. Co-leader with G. Théraulaz (CRCA) . Syscob is leverages cross-disciplinary approaches for building intelligent swarms of drones.
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