I am Matthieu Barreau, a PhD student currently in LAAS / CNRS in Toulouse, France. A short resumé is avaiblable here. I studied Mechanical Engineering in Toulouse at ENSICA (now merged into ISAE-SupAero) and Space Engineering (within the track Systems Engineering at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden).

I also love hiking, taking pictures (Flickr) and going to the cinema.

Profile on Research Gate:

In 2016, I gave basic courses in Maths at Lycée de Bort-Artense in Bort les Orgues, France during 2 months. More information about it (in French) are given in Teaching.

Between 2012 and 2015, I have written a basic course in Mecanics . This course has been inspired by two lesson:  "Physics 1: Classical Mecanics" given by Walter Lewin and the series of book by Richard Feymann "The Feynmann lectures on Physics". The purpose of this new course is to address in an understandable way the key concepts of mecanics to a 14 y.o. student and trying to give him some physical understanding of the mathematical concepts which stays into the concept of speed and velocity for exemple. The writting of this course is still in progress even if it has been a long time since its last edit. The pdf version of this book is available here (in French only) and its internet version can be found on the website of OpenClassrooms (french website for e-learning).

I have also participated to the French competition "Ma Thèse en 180 secondes" which aims at promoting science through short talks of PhD students. The idea is to give three minutes to explain the basics of our work without getting too far inside the maths. My talk for the regional final is available on YouTube and deals with the problem of observation and control of traffic flows.