Recent technical presentations and seminars

  1. Introduction to Autonomous Systems, ISAE, Sept. 2015

  2. Deliberate action: planning and learning in robotics (in french: L’action délibérée: planification et apprentissage en Robotique), Seminar at the College de France, Paris, Jan. 2012

  3. Modeling the observed behavior of a robot, Seminar at MBARI, Monterey, California, Jan. 2011

  4. Near-optimal search in And/Or graphs, UC Berkeley, Fall 2010

  5. Modeling a robot behavior through machine learning, UC Berkeley, Spring 2010

  6. Modeling through machine learning in Robotics, U. of Sidney Sept. 2008

  7. Robot introspection through HMM and DBN, Conference in Honor of Erik Sandewall, U. Linkoping, Oct. 2005

Recent Outreach talks

  1. La révolution des sciences numériques, Opening talk, Science and the Youth Week, Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology, Rabat, November 2011

  2. Introduction to Computational Science and Engineering. Plenary Session the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology, Rabat, Feb. 2012