Research activities


Laurent Malaquin, is a research scientist at LAAS-CNRS  (DR2) in the ELiA team (Engineering in Life Sciences). He has a long experience in the field of interdisciplinary projects at the interface between technological developments and clinical applications. From 2007 to 2014, he devoted his research activities at Institut Curie for the development of lab on chip and the implementation of novel microfluidic concepts in the field of biochemical analysis and medical diagnosis. In September 2015, L. Malaquin joined the ELiA (Engineering in Life Sciences and Applications) team at LAAS CNRS to develop novel activities in the fields of 3D printing and 3D Bioprinting for the design of integrated microsystems applied to biodetection and for the development of 3D microenvironment as models for cell culture and cancer study.

Topics: Microenvironement for cell culture, tissue engineering, cancer diagnosis, microphysiological systems

Skills: Microfluidics, 3D printing, Bioprinting, Self assembly, Biopatterning