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This page is not updated anymore. Last update. 2016-10-01.

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Permanent researcher (Chargé de Recherche) - Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS-CNRS), UPR 8001, Toulouse, France

Welcome to my professional webpage! I am a permanent researcher (Chargé de Recherche) at LAAS-CNRS in the Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance group (TSF). My current research interest is in security and privacy in mobile (social) networks, with a special emphasis on the human and social aspects. My current activities focus mainly on the exploration of the privacy / utility trade-off in location-based and activity-based online social networks.


2016-09: I will be on leave from CNRS starting in Nov. 2016; I will work as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems at UNIL-HEC Lausanne.

2016-05: Our article on the effect of semantic information on location privacy has been accepted to PETS'16!
2016-04: The extended version of our article on the effect of co-locations on location privacy has been accepted to IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing!
2016-03: We are running a field experiment for our new permission system for Android (SmarPer)! Try it out!
2016-02: I will serve in the MIDDLEWARE'16 organization committee (as proceedings chair) and technical program committee member.
2016-02: Marc-Olivier Killijian and I will organize the 7th French-speaking Workshop on Privacy Protection (APVP'16) in the Toulouse area.

2015-09: I had the privilege to sit on Marco Stronati's PhD committee: Great talk, great work!
2015-09: The extended version of our article on secure and private activity summaries has been accepted to IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing!
2014-12-01: I will be visiting EPFL until Apr. 30th 2015.
2014-12-01: I joined LAAS-CNRS!


Equipe TSF
7 Av. du Colonel Roche
31400 Toulouse

Tel: +33 (0)5 61 33 68 89
Fax: +33 (0) 5 61 55 35 77
e-mail: kevin[dot]huguenin[at]laas.fr
website: https://homepages.laas.fr/kevin.huguenin

Research Interests

Topics: privacy; utility; security; usability; human factors; mobile (social) networks; cloud computing; distributed systems; peer-to-peer networks

Skills: networking, statistical inference, data analysis, distributed algorithms, probabilities, cryptography