Dr. Khalil DRIRA, Eng., PhD, HDR

Professional information:

  • Doctorat in Computer Science from Univ. Toulouse, France (1992), Research Habilitation Degree (HDR) from Univ. Toulouse, France (2005), Engineering Degree in Computer Science from ENSEEIHT, The Higher Engineering School of The Hight Education Institute INP Toulouse (1988)
  • Research Director a (permanent, rank A, research-only position) at CNRS the French National Scientific Research Center (+30 000 persons) https://www.cnrs.fr
  • Member of LAAS, the CNRS research institute in Computer Science, Communication Networks, Electronics, and Robotics: (+700 persons): https://wwww.laas.fr
  • Member of the Smart Building Project of LAAS: https://www.laas.fr/public/en/adream
  • Head of SARA research team (2012-2015) at LAAS : https://www.laas.fr/public/en/sara
  • Head of Communication Networks research department at LAAS (2012-2015) https://www.laas.fr/public/en/networks-and-communications

  • Co-Founder of OM2M open source initiative http://OM2M.org
  • Collaborator of the startup in IoT platforms integration :http://sensinov.com
  • Member of the ETSI Specialist Task Force 547 ``Security/Privacy and Interoperability of standardized IoT Platforms'': https://portal.etsi.org/STF/STFs/STFHomePages/STF547

  • IEEE IoT Journal Associate Editor
  • Wiley Internet Technology Letters Associate Editor
  • Smart Science Journal Associate Editor

    Additional information:

  • LAAS's Activity Report: https://www.laas.fr/public/sites/www.laas.fr.public/files/reserved/direction/pdf/LAAS-CNRS_Report_09-14%2BProject_16-20.pdf
  • Presentation of the Communication & Networks Department activity: http://homepages.laas.fr/khalil/rc/Presentation-Theme-RC-23-11-2014-HCERES.pdf
  • Complete list of my publications : http://www.laas.fr/pulman/pulman-isens/web/app.php/publiPerso/1683
  • List of PhD thesis I supervised (30) includes: https://tinyurl.com/y7sauvcl
  • List of PhD/HDR thesis I reviewed (27) includes: https://tinyurl.com/yamcoe5k
  • Simplified version of my CV with focus on interoperability activities: http://homepages.laas.fr/khalil/CV-Khalil-DRIRA-July-2018.pdf
  • My interest include: collaborating in IoT projects in different contexts (Innovation, Experiments, R&D projects, e.g. EU/France-Australia-Brazil-China-Japan-Korea, etc.) and differen domains (smart building, smart energy management, smart farming, etc.)
  • My colabrators' countries include : France, Europe, Canada, USA, Australie, Brazil, Mexico, Tunisia and North Africa

    Contact information:

    Khalil DRIRA
    7 Av. du Colonel Roche, BP 54200, 31031 Toulouse Cedex 4 FRANCE
    Tel. +33 (0)5 61 33 63 22 Fax. +33 (0)5 61 33 64 11
    web page: http://homepages.laas.fr/khalil
    e-mail: khalil@laas.fr