Karama Kanoun, LAAS-CNRS, Chair, kanoun@laas.fr
Lisa Spainhower, IBM, Vice Chair, lisa@us.ibm.com

Participant Section (password required)

Presentations of the workshop on dependability benchmarking held as part of ISSRE (http://rachel.utdallas.edu/issre) on  November 2005 are publicly available by clicking here

Most presentations for the workshop held in Paraty, RJ, Brazil Feb 28-Mar 3 2001 are publicly available by clicking here.

The proceedings for the Workshop on Dependability Benchmarking held as part of DSN on June 25, 2002 are publicly available by clicking here

Established Summer 1999, this IFIG Special Interest Group promotes the research, practice, and adoption of benchmarks for computer-related system dependability.

Our draft charter discusses the potential scope of this SIG's activities.

For more information about IFIP's dependability efforts and the IEEE TC on dependability, please visit www.dependability.org

Select participants from universities, companies, and government agencies are eligible to become SIG participants.

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