Humanoid Path Planner


Humanoid Path Planner (HPP) is a software platform tailored for prehensile manipulation planning. The platform implements an original way of modeling manipulation planning through a constraint graph that represents the numerical
constraints that define the manipulation problem. An extension of the RRT algorithm to manipulation planning that is able to solve a large variety of problems is provided. python scripting is implemented via CORBA servers and idl interfaces in a seamless way.

HPP is composed of a collection of software packages handled by cmake. You can download a short presentation of the software.

The following paper describes the main features of HPP:

  - Florent LamirauxJoseph Mirabel. Prehensile Manipulation Planning: Modeling, Algorithms and Implementation.

Installation and documentation

The documentation generated by doxygen is automatically installed with the packages. You can find an online version here.

See the project website for more information.